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It seems that all of my posts lately have been of the non-happy variety. This makes it seem as if my life has no joy in it and that is not true. While I do have more moments of depression, there are still things that make me smile.

One of them is gardening. I have always had plants growing in the house and, some years, I’ve purchased tomato plants for my porch. This year I have decided to go all out and grow quite a few vegetables.

I have already started most of them in the house. I even purchased an indoor greenhouse to help them grow. I am loving my greenhouse.

Normally, I am one of those people who has to buy the best of everything, which means that, as I am on disability, I am limited in what I can do. This year I tossed the idea of buying the trays with the seed starting trays in them. I made my own seed-starting pots out of newspaper. I have enjoyed every moment of making the pots as I know that they are for my plants.

Quite a few of my vegetables have started germinating and my pea plants are going to take over the greenhouse by the time I get home from vacation in New Jersey. That is, if my husband doesn’t kill them all before I get home. He swears that my plants know when I’m not there and they get as lonely as he and the animals do. He could be correct as I had a rosemary bush that lived for five years and died while he was caring for it.
I think it’s that they enjoy the time I take with them and the Reiki I give them as I sing along to the music I play. Maybe it’s merely the fact that, because I am singing, they get more oxygen and thus tend to thrive more. Either way, they love me and grow for me.

After the vegetables are all in their summer homes (containers on the porch), I am going to try my hand at the art of Bonsai and miniature gardening.

I have often said that I love therapy and I am finding that, for me, gardening is one of the best forms of it.


The Plan

Posted: March 1, 2013 in Uncategorized
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How wonderful but how scary is starting a new venture? One that you are not experienced in but one in which you have enthusiasm enough to make up for that lack. It is the feeling that you get right before you step off a cliff and land in an ocean of opportunity. Heart pounding and nerves humming as they give voice to all the reasons that this would be good for you and your family.

At this moment, failure is not in your vocabulary as you begin to write out “The Plan”. Yes, it has to be capitalized and put in quotations because it needs them to convey how much this means to you. Anyone can have a plan, but you have “The Plan”. Those capital letters are what will thwart any negative thoughts you might have. They fight on the side of the good. This is the moment when you visualize how well this will work. There is even an aspect of it where you can lead seminars on the subject – one more way to earn money.

But money isn’t the only reason for “The Plan”. It’s a way to lower my family’s carbon footprint and a way to give back instead of taking. It is a means to help those that want to eat healthy but feel they cannot afford to grow their own vegetables and fruit. It can give them a way to feel better about themselves and how they are caring for their own families.

As “The Plan” evolves, there will be more posts about it. Right now it is too new and only a plan but there is hope that, in the very near future, it will be a reality.